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One of the most luxurious and oddly satisfying hobbies of those aged 35 and above is probably boating, and using a Pontoon boat is one way to ensure quality and worthiness of your investment. Okay, so for standard reference, a pontoon boat is basically a boat that relies on pontoons which can take on almost any type or shape of buoyant items to be used in the water. It is mostly used for its buoyancy which allows them to be more effective for a wide variety of usage. Like most things, pontoon boats need support as well; particularly support from the motor the boat uses. Are you looking for the best support for your boat? Minn Kota provides various types of trolling motor to power up your pontoon boats much more easily and hassle free. Check this Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 reviews before you decide to buy yours.

Whom Is This Product Designed For?

  • Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 is designed for those who are looking for an easier and more relaxed time boating
  • It is also a great find for those who loves a stable freshwater fishing adventure
  • This trolling motor power drive device is also a great support for those thinking of starting their boating experience, with it being a good automatic support

Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 Reviews: Take a Look at Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 Features:

1Aluminium Quick Release Bracket: With this feature, the Power Drive V2 trolling motor is easier to handle, as it allows maximum versatility and a standard locking system. It is ideal for fishing, making your pontoon boat more stable in the waters. This quick release bracket acts as your support to make motor handling much easier, as it makes taking-off and on hassle free. It also has a 48- inch shaft and 54 pounds of thrust which gives out a quiet sound trolling motor.
2Power Drive V2 Foot Pedal: This boating device has a side to side steering foot pedal that also has a precise speed control knob. It is an electric- steer that is also waterproof and low- profile – which gives out a left and right responsive control and it does not matter from which point in the pontoon boat it is given. Power Drive V2’s foot pedal does not require the use of batteries, as it manually operated with an 18 foot long cord.
3Digital Maximizer Technology: Minn Kota’s Power Drive V2 is equipped with a digital maximizer technology which is a good support and helps the battery to be more reliable and run for five times longer, and this is all for single charge. This technology helps preserve energy by only releasing the amount of energy that your activity needs. The technology will simply require you to dial the precise speed to let the digital technology release and deliver just the right amount of power to help prolong your time in the water.
4Weedless Wedge Propellor: When you are on the waters, it is unpredictable what kind of floating things may stop your smooth sailing, but with the weedless wedge propeller feature of Minn Kota, you are guaranteed that the small stuff will not be an obstacle. This part will push the weeds away and it will not take on much of the battery when taking on the thick stuff along the way; it has swept- back and flared blades to ensure a reliable performance.

Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 Pontoon Trolling Motor Pros & Cons

  • It has an easy-to-use, and quick-to-detach mounting platforms which makes taking off and on the motor easier
  • Makes sailing quiet even with every movement, making it very convenient to use for fishing reasons as it does not scare away the fishes
  • Helps in making the pontoon boat move quite well even with a wind condition going on sail


  • It may be a bit of a challenge to grasp the comfortable use of the precise steering with the foot pedal, and may require the use of both hands
  • The trolling motor may be in an awkward position, and if you are not quite sure on how it should be attached, tendency of making it hard to lock is very possible

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Benefits Of The Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 54 Trolling Motor
1. Benefits Of Aluminium Quick Release Bracket: This feature will allow you to have a quick and easy time when installing and removing the motor portion of your boat. It also makes the mounting platform of your boat eliminate the noise released when in the waters.

2. Benefits Of Power Drive V2 Foot Pedal: The foot pedal will allow you to gain manual control and easily move your boat to the direction you are aiming to. It will be a good exercise to your knees as well, with it being manually operated, lessening chances of motor problems when there is a sudden need to get moving.

3. Benefits Of Digital Maximizer Technology: With it automatically calculating in advance the needed power for your activity, this feature will allow you to stay longer in the waters for some added activities. This digital technology will also be a good feature as it will not let you die out of battery energy in the water, with its calculations you can predict your maximum time in the waters.

4. Benefits Of Weedless Wedge Propellor: The propeller will give you an assurance that your ride and sail will be smoother than ever. It will give you a more relaxed sailing, eliminating both small and thick obstacles possible to appear in your route.

Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 Pontoon Trolling Motor FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the warranty for this power drive? A: The motor of the device is limited to the Minn Kota two-year warranty for the entire product, although it is only awarded to the original purchaser.

Q: Is the shaft adjustable in different lengths? A: Yes, the shaft may be adjusted for your desired depths. It is through a simple wing nut lock collar which will anchor you to the depth you prefer.

Q: Which type of body of water is it to be used on? A: The trolling motor of this product is much more for use on fresh water sailing; strictly for fresh water only.

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Finally, Most people may require quite some time before they get the hang of having boating for a hobby, and may need to familiarized themselves with quite some functions before going pro. With the Minn Kota Power Drive V2, you will get the chance to know your pontoon boats like the back of your hand, as you can manually control it. Okay, it is given that there are technologies incorporated in this device, but it is only for your benefit, for an easier and hassle free using. You may encounter some difficulties, but not complicated ones; plus there is the user’s manual which can provide you with all the details you will be needing. If you want a smooth sail for your fishing adventure, or just a relaxed first sail, you may want to try out this product for your benefit.

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